Creative Links

Members of Creative Links are trying out new activities and meeting new people.

Volunteering at a home for older people, a painting course with a commercial art gallery, joining a knitting group at the library and cooking seasonal produce are just some of the diverse interests that are followed at Creative Links.

Led by Mary Burke, the team at Creative Links support people to build skills that result in more opportunities available to them.  These skills are shared using Golden City Support Services Five Bases of Support, Person Centered Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support.

“We support people in creative ways to find what their interests are and build on these,” says Mary.

“People learn new skills when they are relaxed and comfortable. In a creative space you can discover wonderful opportunities by finding out what interest you.”

Creative Links is a hub where individuals meet and are supported to connect with their interests in the community. People are helped in their communication, interpersonal skills and independence to build connections within the community.

Lee-Ellen has chosen to try out activities that match her skills in organisation and coordination of people and transport, including work experience with Bendigo Taxis.

“I like coming to Creative Links, because we do art work and meditation,” says Lee-Ellen. “Sometimes I come here not feeling in a great space and meditation helps me to calm down and focus on what I’m here to do and have a great day.”

Activities are varied at Creative Links, including craft and exercise classes at Z-fit.

“We are about supporting people to explore what is possible, “ says Mary. “In every activity and conversation at Creative Links there is an opportunity to explore what is possible.”

To find out more about Creative Links call 1800 001 005 or visit